Free Traffic Myth

Can I Build My List With Free Traffic?


Should I Build My List With Free Traffic?

No. “Free Traffic” isn’t really free.

If you insist on Free Traffic: Here Are 14 Free Traffic Methods

1. Classified Websites:
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. YouTube
5. Article Marketing
6. Forum Posting
7. Blog Commenting
8. Sniper Search Engine Optimization
9. Free Press Releases
10. Joint Ventures
11. LinkedIn
12. Yelp
13. Google Places
14. Blogging

14 Free Traffic Methods from Thomas Digital.

Just to convince those who are unwilling to invest: Lets say you are working at minimum wage for $7.25 per hour. If you work 10 hours you get paid $72.50.

At $0.50 a click, $72.50 buys you 145 visits.

Can you get 145 visits to your website in a day, by spending 10 hours on the Free Traffic Methods mentioned above?