Solo Ad FAQ

1. What Niche Is Your Traffic?

Internet Marketing(IM) and Make Money Online(MMO)

2. What Is a Click?

A highly targeted lead that has purchased or previously asked for more information on IM, MMO, or MLM products. These highly targeted leads are sent to your website from our own personal email list.

3. What Is a Tier 1 Click?

A click that is from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Ireland.
Leads from these countries are more likely to buy your product or join your business offering.

4. What are your quality standards?

We guarantee quality unique clicks that are 75% + Tier 1 Traffic (US/UK/CAN/AU/IE). This guarantee is possible by systematically controlling the amount of clicks that come from tier 1 countries. Our software systems ensure that 75% of your leads will be from tier 1 countries.

We do not guarantee sales or opt-in of any kind. These results are based on the quality of your ad copy and squeeze page.

5.What Is a Buyers List?

A list of hungry buyers that have previously purchased one of our products.
These leads have a history of buying which means they are more likely to purchase one of your products.
You will receive traffic that includes our hungry buyers so that we can guarantee you have highest quality.

6. How Do You Deliver Traffic?

We work to deliver the best quality traffic by building an email list of loyal subscribers.
We build our email list through our network of websites that are designed to attract only the best quality leads.
We will then send an email to our loyal email subscribers advertising your product or service.

7. Do You Offer Sales Page Reviews?

Yes, we will examine your page FREE before scheduling your clicks. We may suggest updates to your page to ensure you have the highest chance of getting opt-ins and sales from our traffic.

8. Do You Offer Refunds?

We will only offer refunds on undelivered clicks past 48 hours of the agreed delivery period.

9. How Do I Contact You?

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“Hi, I Am Glad To Hear From You. Click On One Of The Buttons To Reach Out To Me. I Will Assist You As Soon As Possible.”

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Email: [email protected]